Frequently Asked Questions


We communicate via email, telephone, text and zoom conferencing.  While we are unable to offer in office appointments during tax season, we are still available to discuss your tax or financial situation with you.  Feel free to let us know which method of communication you prefer and we will do our best to accommodate you.


We love taxes!  While tax return preparation is our primary service, we are also available for tax projections, strategic tax planning, profit & cash flow planning, reasonable shareholder salary calculation, bookkeeping, payroll tax services and QuickBooks training.  These additional services are, of course, billed separately from the preparation of your income tax return.  The preparation of tax returns focuses on reporting historical data to the government.  Planning and projections focus on future data and optimizing that information to minimize your tax burden.


We would be delighted to build a relationship with you.  Our ideal client is financially stable, motivated, passionate and eager to learn.  We operate from a place of integrity, so if you’re looking for a tax preparer who will make up numbers or lie on your tax return, we won’t be a good fit for you.  We love to think creatively and use every (legal) avenue available to reduce your income tax burden.  We will review your tax return results and look for hidden opportunities to decrease your tax liability.



Our individual tax returns start at $500.  Your fee is not dependent on how many forms we prepare, but rather on how much time it takes to prepare an accurate and complete return.  This is based on two factors – organization and complexity.  While you likely don’t have a great deal of control over how complex your return is, you do have control over how organized your paperwork is.  The more organized you are, the lower our fee will be.

Our basic return includes:

  • Income from W-2’s, 1099-R’s, Social Security, interest, dividends and stock sales from one broker statement.
  • Itemized deductions including mortgage interest, property taxes, charitable cash contributions and noncash contributions up to $500.

Items that will increase preparation time and our fee include:

  • Self employment
  • Home office
  • Sale of primary residence
  • Numerous forms W-2 and 1099-R (more than four)
  • Multiple non cash contributions requiring detailed input (more than five)
  • Multiple state tax returns
  • Rental properties
  • Sales of marketable securities
  • K-1’s from estates, trusts, partnerships and S corporations.

Individual returns with self employment income or rental properties typically have a fee of $700 – $850.

BUSINESSES (Corporations, Partnerships and LLCs)

Our business returns start at $800.  At this fee level, we assume you have accurate, correct and reconciled accounting records.  If detailed general ledger review and multiple journal entries are required, additional fees will be charged for accounting services.

Items that will increase preparation time and our fee include:

  • Multiple S corporation shareholders or partners/members (more than four)
  • Sales of business assets
  • Numerous fixed asset purchases

Other factors that can influence the fees for your return preparation include extensive download time for documents submitted one at a time through our portal, additional and repetitive requests for information and clarification or long delays in your response, significant email/correspondence activity and additional questions requiring explanation time after your return is completed as well as research time for complex situations.