We coach entrepreneurs to be successful. We help to develop and implement tools that allow you to focus on what you do best. Our niche market is small business entrepreneurs with about 25 employees or less. In addition to the regular services of accounting and tax return preparation, we are eager to drive profitability.

Clark & Cassidy utilizes the Profit First method of cash management. Our team is trained and certified by the Profit First Professional organization to guide business owners and entrepreneurs in maximizing their profits. We are more than accountants. We are Profit Professionals.

As a Trusted Advisor, we create a custom plan designed for you and your business. We start with an evaluation to determine what steps are needed for implementation. We then work up a unique plan for you that starts with an Advisory Package and then moves to an Annual Maintenance Package. Great ideas remain as ideas unless implemented! We would love to coach you through implementation so each step is executed successfully.